A commitment to environmental justice

Working in it is one thing. Working for it is another.

Community Relations Specialist Danny Neelon helps a Cleveland resident with her application for utility assistance.
An Employee Resource Group participates in a tree planting at a green infrastructure site in a Cleveland neighborhood.

First, we now have a formal definition of environmental justice.

Environmental justice is the equitable treatment and meaningful engagement of our residents so we can advance our work without placing significant burdens on those we serve or impacting one part of our service area more than another without environmental and public health justification.

Second, we established an environmental justice commitment as a Sewer District.

  • Involve stakeholders before and during projects purposefully and productively.
  • Engage residents and businesses in projects and decisions that impact their communities.
  • Interact with the public consistent with our Public Engagement standard: Timely, truthfully, two-way, and thoughtfully.
  • Make planning and project decisions with an understanding of the community and its residents, history, and economy.
  • Be aware of the human impact of our policies and projects through active listening during design stages.
  • Equip our staff with appropriate resources to understand the importance, issues, and impacts of the decisions at hand.
  • Strive to deliver policies, projects, and programs with lasting environmental benefit, so no group of people bear a disproportionate share of negative consequences from our actions and investments.
  • Employ diverse and culturally appropriate communication strategies.
  • Seek to provide value to communities affected by significant and disruptive Sewer District activities.

And third, we involved employees from across the Sewer District.

By hosting Utility Assistance Resource Fairs across the region, customers can interact in-person with reps from utilities and service providers to apply for bill relief and seek crisis assistance.



Official Medium channel of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, OH

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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Official Medium channel of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, OH