Better. Together.

Infrastructure is everywhere. How we serve is about making our systems, relationships, and futures better together.


United for Infrastructure 2020 September 14–21 is a week of events focusing attention on the critical role of infrastructure in Americans’ daily lives. From roads and bridges to airports and plumbing, constructed systems keep our country functioning, and their future relies on proper maintenance, strategy, and investment as reflected in this year’s theme #RebuildBetter.

This year, as we raise awareness of our own opportunities to “rebuild better,” we focus on three key areas:

Rebuild systems better.

Ten years into our Project Clean Lake combined sewer control efforts, we have already reduced annual CSOs by 1 billion gallons. System improvements and green infrastructure are improving water quality with each year, but we also understand there are significant obstacles ahead, including legacy system challenges and funding.

How can we continue to maintain and enhance the function of a 300+ mile sewer system and a 430+ mile regional stream network? This question drives our decisions every day.

Rebuild relationships better.

We understand the economic challenges of our region. Times are tough, and when circumstances affect our homes and our families, we recognize that priorities change. Paying sewer bills fall further down residents’ priority lists.

Our Help is Here campaign opens discussion with residents in need in tough times to help them understand their options for payments, payment plans, and cost-saving programs. We are here to help and ready to work with you.

Rebuild futures better.

This year has been unlike any other in recent history. From COVID-19 to civil unrest, how we interact with each other as residents and neighbors has been impacted by local and national events.

We join in solidarity with the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the betterment of our region, and we continue to serve in the midst of an evolving pandemic. We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we will be there and ready together.

Learn more about United For Infrastructure’s campaign and related events scheduled near you all week long.



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