Bored, built, or bridged, engineering connects us all

No aspect of our civilized life is untouched by engineers somewhere. Rick and Angela share their own engineering histories and the connections they continue to make in this episode of the Clean Water Works Podcast.

Art and science. Form and functionality. Ambition and pragmatism. Innovation and tradition. Engineering has long existed at these intersections.

The interplay is what our latest podcast episode, “Engineering Our Lives: Celebrating Innovators & Building Futures,” explores in depth as we pay tribute to the pioneers and current trailblazers in the field of engineering.

The latest episode of Clean Water Works kicks off by aligning National Engineers Week with President’s Day, paying homage to George Washington’s legacy as a surveyor. We often overlook the ubiquitous nature of engineering, yet it’s fundamental to our routine — from the alarm clock that wakes us to the bridge we cross on our commute.

Diving deeper into the subject, our Government Affairs Specialist Angela Jones and Collection Systems Design Manager Rick Vincent, both engineers, share their personal journeys and insights into the world of civil engineering. Angela’s career evolution from civil engineering to her outreach role in Government Affairs reflects the dynamic versatility of the field. Her liaison work bridges the gap between technical jargon and community understanding, highlighting the vital connection between engineering projects and public engagement.

Rick discusses his own transition from structural to sewer system design, revealing a profound sense of pride contributing to the public good. Both guests speak to the notion that engineering is not merely about drawing lines on blueprints; it’s about crafting solutions with a lasting impact on communities.

Rick Vincent (front) tours a sewer tunnel.

From Cleveland’s Baldwin Water Works to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, engineering marvels are not just feats of technical prowess but symbols of progress and human ingenuity. They serve as a reminder of the awe that engineering can inspire and the legacy it leaves for future generations.

The conversation pivots to the importance of mentorship and diversity in STEM fields, spotlighting programs like the ACE Mentorship Program and Cleveland STEP, which are actively breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive environment for the next wave of engineers. The goal: Demystify engineering, and show that it’s accessible and thrilling career path where personal passions and professional aspirations merge.

Angela Jones instructs a colleague during an outreach event in Cleveland.

In closing, the podcast emphasizes the crucial role engineers play in confronting today’s challenges, from environmental issues to social justice. It’s a call to action for all of us to support and encourage the innovators who build the world around us and who, through their ingenuity and dedication, are engineering our lives for the better.



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