Brand top 10 lists are awful. Yours is probably better.

Yes, we did a lot in 2022. But what you did? That’s really worth remembering.

It’s that end-of-year time for a top 10 list. But I need to admit something: You don’t care about our accomplishments. You really don’t. You care about yours.

So instead, here’s YOUR top 10 list for 2022.

10. That challenge you overcame. You’re stronger for it. But reflecting on it further you realize you were strong all along.

9. The challenge you didn’t. It’s gnawed at you during the year. But just as you feel that hand on your shoulder holding you back, know there’s hands on your back pressing you forward. Unseen supporters in waiting.

8. The loved one you lost. A friend. A family member. A colleague. A neighbor. Their memory remains with you. The experiences were real. They mattered. They are not forgotten but I know the world is a little different now.

7. The new face in your life. By surprise or expected, your circle grew in 2022. A new connection. A new source of life and energy in a trying time. Their name alone makes you smile and shines some sun in dark places.

6. That opportunity you never expected. That fork in the road this year? You traveled to a destination with newfound happiness. You realized you don’t have to always be looking but you need to have eyes and a mind always open.

5. That most-played song on your playlist. Loop it. Favorite it. Turn up loud. The beat spoke to you, your story is in the lyrics. Sure you’ll play it in 2023, but 2022 made it special.

4. That day you celebrated someone. That person who made a difference, made a change, moved a mountain. You were with them. You were so proud, their accomplishment was your joy too and you are excited for where they’ll go from here.

3. That one regret that still pains you. They remain with us like scars. Everyone has them. We just may not see them, and that reality connects us. We can grow from here.

2. That one special place you visited. Maybe it was a far away land orr maybe it was the closest to home you’ve been in a long time. It might have been a place in your own heart that you’d left behind long ago. You will carry memories of that visit well into 2023.

And 1: Your hope in the new year. It’s more than new day on calendar. It’s a fresh start. A new chance to reflect and recommit, to move on or be moved. To inspire and be inspired.

Whoever you are, your year was full of events that will only happen once. Some good, some bad. But your life today is a sum of all those days, faces, milestones and memories of the last 12 months.

As a utility, we served all year. We led, we learned, we listened, full of successful projects and opportunities to serve better. Our plan for 2023 trends the same, and you’re a part of that plan, too, wherever you live because you’ve engaged us here.

As a utility, we know connections matter.

But our human connections? Really, those are what matter most.

Originally tweeted in a thread @neorsd.



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