Committed to serving our customers, protecting our environment

Our services continue around the clock. Here’s how we’re meeting the challenge.

Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cleveland, Ohio. Photo courtesy Nick Bucurel.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District remains committed to protecting the environment and announces the following measures to ensure core services and water quality are maintained. The agency’s commitment to customers and the environment will endure the COVID-19 pandemic, and service will continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Life at the moment is far from business as usual,” said Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, CEO. “But our water professionals and processes are in place to ensure customers can expect business as usual from our work as a utility.”

Customer Service
Our Customer Service team shifted wholly to a call-back option and online communication platform since the early days of the pandemic. Customers have the following options available to reach Customer Service, including a new Customer Service hub online:

  • Submit a question via email or visit
  • Leave a message at (216) 881–8247 with your preferred contact info and one of our representatives will return your call.
  • Submit a question via Twitter @neorsd or Facebook

Customers are asked to include their name, address, phone number, NEORSD account number and a brief description of their inquiry. A Customer Service representative will respond within 24 hours.

Any non-billing emergency calls should be directed to the Sewer District Security Office at (216) 432–7333.

Public Events

The educational outreach team has suspended public events at this time.

The Board of Trustees is meeting virtually for all its meetings the remainder of 2020. The complete schedule is online and links to the live broadcasts are posted at the day before the meeting.

Treating Wastewater and Managing Stormwater
Operations and maintenance, as well as security, continue their work treating wastewater and managing stormwater 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency response and other critical staff is on-hand and readily available to assist our Member Communities and public agencies.

In addition, the Sewer District’s nationally-recognized laboratory continues to test water and wastewater samples daily, protecting public health and the environment.

Available Programs

Information about the Sewer District’s Affordability and Crisis Assistance Programs is available online at or by contacting Customer Service.

“The City of Cleveland has temporarily suspended shut-off actions and we are supporting them in this effort. If you are in need of further crisis billing assistance, please contact us,” said Dreyfuss-Wells.

Wipes Clog Pipes

Lastly, News reports and social media are reporting customers seeking creative alternatives to toilet paper. The Sewer District urgently reminds everyone that products like wipes, facial tissues and paper towels should NOT be flushed. Flushing products other than toilet paper or bodily waste endangers your home plumbing and our systems down the line.

Wipes build up on bar screens designed to prevent blockages or equipment damage, proof that wipes do not break down when flushed like toilet paper does.

Official Medium channel of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, OH