• Huy Anh Nguyen

    Huy Anh Nguyen

  • Tim Kovach

    Tim Kovach

    MA from @SISGEP. Works on air quality, writes about conflict, climate change, & disasters (including Cleveland sports). Juventus. Views my own & probably wrong.

  • UF/IFAS IrriGator

    UF/IFAS IrriGator

    IrriGator is a @UF water resource engineer, soil/water scientist & Extension water specialist collaboration to showcase research & engage audiences. RT ≠ E.

  • Space Anthro

    Space Anthro

    Anthropologist. especially interested in the implications of human space exploration and settlement, including ethical, social, and medical issues.

  • Spokesdrop, NEORSD

    Spokesdrop, NEORSD

    Spokesdrop for folks who keep our Great Lake great: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (Official: @neorsd) | Follows/RTs do not mean NEORSD endorsements

  • Erin Huber Rosen

    Erin Huber Rosen

  • Matthew Millea

    Matthew Millea

    Deputy Director of State Operations

  • Chris Rhie

    Chris Rhie

    sustainability planner at @burohappold. bicycle commuter, design enthusiast, recovering civil servant. opinions are my own.

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