Hands-on, head up, and all heart.

Brian’s work on the pipes and pumps of a treatment plant keep millions of gallons of water moving. Just like him.

Man with a goatee, Harley Davidson beanie cap, and bright orange NEORSD maintenance shirt stands in a dimly lit hallway deep in the bowels of the Easterly treatment plant. He has hands in the pockets of his dark blue work work pants and making stoic eye contact with the camera.
Photo by Thomas Dang.
Old school: Brian Bunjevac back in the days of 2011 working in the gallery, a long hall of valves and windows, at the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Center. Photo by Eric Mull, 2011.
Older school: The Easterly treatment plant dates back to the early 1930s. Many of its buildings, including it’s administration building shown here under construction in 1936, are still in use today.



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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

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