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Electrofishing on the Cuyahoga River, 2019

“At its worst in 1968, the Lower Cuyahoga River supported only 2 species: Carassius auratus and Lepomis macrochirus at one sample site out of 23 and no fish at the other 22 sites. Oscillatoria algae were the only species of plant or animal found at some sites.”

Those two fish species are significant: bluegill (a pollution-tolerant fish) and goldfish (an invasive and very pollution-tolerant species). No other fish were reported found in the samples taken.

  • High levels of metals in the water coming into our Southerly plant.
  • Dangerously high ammonia concentrations in the Cuyahoga River downstream of Southerly.
  • And the health of Cuyahoga River fish when surveys began in 1984 was far below acceptable.
Cuyahoga Valley Lift Station construction, 1979.



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