Lab work is a sewer science.

In this #BehindTheBill series, we take a closer look at the work made possible by your monthly or quarterly NEORSD bill.

In one year, more than 35,000 water samples work their way through our laboratory, and our lake is better because of it.

Only a small fraction of your sewer bill funds our Analytical Services department. But the work and efficiency of this team is critical to ensuring the water we treat is safe for the environment every day of the year.

From microscopes to mass spectrometers, the technology and technical expertise of our lab staff combine to test water quality, analyze microoganisms, assess data, report trends, monitor plant performance, and more.

Cheryl introduces Tom, Cavan, and Betsy who walk you through the lab to see just some of our tests and how their results tell a clean-water story.

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