Rates are changing in 2022

How sound management, better borrowing made a big difference in rate plans for 2022–2026

Dugway Storage Tunnel file photo taken during construction in April 2017.

“For nearly 50 years, the Sewer District has invested $5 billion in sewer and stormwater projects. Our early work included restoring the Cuyahoga River through sewer investments, which significantly reduced the amount of pollution making its way to the river,” said Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, Sewer District Chief Executive Officer.

At a glance: What the rate change looks like

Where your sewer bills go: The work we do

“In addition to keeping our finger on the pulse of costs, the Sewer District has been exceptionally resourceful looking for opportunities to significantly save money.”

Smart savings, sound management

Meeting customers’ needs: Expanding affordability programs

“However, as a national leader on this important topic, we recognized that more needed to be done…”

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