Resilience, restoration, readiness.

Managing a 476-mile regional stormwater network while understanding our environment’s past, present, and future

Stormwater Inspector Anne Roberto works with a team of employee volunteers planting live stakes along Stickney Creek to stabilize a restored stream bank. Photo by Nicole Harvel.
Chart graphic. Text reads “147 drainage problem areas in northeast ohio in 1978, 513 drainage problem areas in 2002.”
Taken during a Hemlock Creek design inspection in 2022, this image shows the condition of erosion and failing stream banks, common regional stormwater problems being addressed through our program. Photo by Nicole Harvel.
Inspections conducted along our regional stormwater stream network between January and June 2022 (617 inspections).



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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Official Medium channel of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, OH