Reused, repurposed, renewed.

1,500 pairs of uniform pants donated to three local shelters in an effort of service, sustainability

two men bundled in winter coats empty large boxes from the back of a delivery van as a Sewer District employee delivers donations on a cold February morning.
Eight boxes of men’s pants were dropped off at the City Mission, the first of three local shelters to receive apparel donations from our previous uniform contract.

hen a large batch of men’s apparel remained in good condition at the end of our previous uniform contract, our Operations & Maintenance Procurement Administrator Delilah Capeles knew quality durable garments deserved extended use — and could serve a better purpose than disposal.

Following Board of Trustees approval to donate used inventory January 7, Delilah set out to find partners able to receive and distribute the garments to those who need them most. Beginning February 8, our stockroom staff personally delivered shipments to three local agencies: The City Mission, St. Herman’s House, and Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry.

“The vast majority of unwanted or unneeded clothing in the United States is landfilled,” said Sustainability Program Manager Marie Fechik-Kirk. “We not only reduced our waste and allowed for reuse of materials, Delilah found an opportunity for us to contribute to our community.”

“There was a team effort over a few months to find the best possible solution to reusing versus land filling these uniforms,” Delilah added. “I am very happy the pants will have a second useful life helping those in need.”

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