“What it takes to protect public health and water quality”

Our CEO Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells’ testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee March 16, 2022

Our Shoreline Storage Tunnel, a $200 million project to protect Lake Erie, is being funded by Clean Water State Revolving Fund dollars, saving our customers $50 million over the length of the loan. NEORSD file photo.

“I have found that conversations in the clean water industry center on three factors — rates, affordability, and ensuring access of all customers to reliable sewer service. The SRF in Ohio is essential to us doing that as we rely on it to finance our critical work and control the rates our customers pay.”

For the first 20 years of our work, we received nearly $600 million in federal construction grants. With this we invested in reducing the amount of combined sewage overflowing to Lake Erie and making critical improvements to the region’s wastewater collection system and treatment facilities.



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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

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